KGeoTag 1.2 released

KGeoTag 1.2 is out now! Basically, this is only a bugfix release:

Bugs fixed

The main reason for this release is, that – at least here on my Gentoo box – the MIME type for GPX files has changed. I'm not sure which update caused this, but until lately, QMimeDatabase::mimeTypeForFile reported application/x-gpx+xml as the MIME type for GPX files, but now, I get application/xml+gpx.

This caused KGeoTag to refuse loading GPX files and thus broke a main functionality. Fixing this was quite trivial however: Now, both MIME types are accepted for GPX files.

Additionally, Bug #445023 has been fixed. All images in a list can now be selected via CTRL+A again.

CMake dependency bumped

… BUT: The reason why we have to call this "1.2.0" and not "1.1.1" is that a small compilation warning also has been fixed. Just after releasing version 1.1.0, KDE's Extra CMake Modules told me "Your project should require at least CMake 3.16.0 to use FindKF5.cmake". So I bumped the dependency from 3.8.0 to 3.16.0.

This should be no problem. Even Debian Stable ("Bullseye") has CMake 3.18.4, there's also a backport for Buster (on Gentoo, we're at 3.20.5 to be stable). Technically, this is a depencency change however, and thus, according to Semantic Versioning, we need a minor release and not just a bugfix one.

Everbody is encouraged to update! Have a lot of fun with KGeoTag :-)

– Tobias